This is the truth that now (Muslims )we are passing a critical moment all around the world.The Muslim leaders are not in the base of unity.They identify themselves nothing but selfish leader.For that, in the Muslim country there is no peace.Most of the Muslim leaders are not responsible to the Muslim Ummah. They can lose their dignity of Islam by dint of his kingdom.But it;s true that some are being aware about the strength of unity. So, they are trying to call other in a platform. I think we will see a glorious Islamic world very soon. If we can stand in a unity we will win.

Islamic culture in Asia

This is my first blog writing.Please pray for me so that I can write more about the topics. At present it is seen that most of the writers are writing about politics ,anti Islam ,science ,and history but no one is will to write about Islam. Some are called free hand writer some are called nastic.I would like to inform all that I am now a new writer so error or wrong should be merciful.We have created Allah to obey his duty and order but most of the human beings are denying I don't understand the matter.


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