Understanding Admission Procedure of Bangladesh

Admission Procedures of Bangladesh are varied in the basis of different universities. Admission system and procedure is the basic understanding for applicants. If an applicant fails in understanding  this procedure of application he will even loose his chance to admit.

 Nowadays Government created new rules for admission in Undergraduation level for Public universities. This is more appreciable and i hope that it will very useful for students.

 So to get admitted into universities you must have a basic knowledge about targeted University or institution.

Before taking decision for admission you must consider the following question's satisfactory answer-

  • How they take care of students ?
  • How long it needs to get admitted?
  • What method it follows (MCQ, Writing) ?
  • What matters it consider ?
  • What kind of facilities it gives to its students?
  • What kind of communication system it has?
  • Can my parents have interest with this institution? 
  • And other related questions that you have.

 This the easiest way to understand the system and procedure about an institution or University. Best of Luck.

Monday, 6. September 2010 - 0:54
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