Dhaka University Admission Test Questions: English Unit– B (2004-05)

Read the following passage and answer questions 1–5 :

A rain forest, as the term suggests, is a kind of wooded area, subject to unusually heavy and frequent rains. Found only in the tropical or subtropical regions of the Caribbean, Brazil, Africa, and Asia, rain forests contain a great' variety of trees including bamboo, palm, cedar, ebony, calabash and whitewood. Many of these trees grow to a height of more than a hundred feet, with dense canopies or crowns characteristically forming three distinguishable storeys. Although ground flora is sparse, climbers of all kinds abound and often exotic flowers appear inconspicuously in the thick foliage.

1.   The word "climber's means

      A.  ladders                B.  mountaineers

      C.  those who climb  D.  creepers.

2.   "Wooded area" means

      A. area full of woods         B. area that looks wooden

      C.  forest area           D.  forest wood

3.   Choose a suitable title for the passage.

      A. Trees and Rain forests  B.  A dream Region

      C.  The Rain forests  D.  Forestry

4.   "inconspicuously" stands for

      A. not easily noticeable     B. impossible to find

      C. unusually             D. naturally

5.   "dense canopies or crowns" means

      A. thick branches of trees

      B. crown-like top of trees

      C. coarse leaves in crown form

      D. rough branches of trees

6.   The frown on the man's face showed that he was displeased. In the sentence "frown" can be replaced by

      A. look of fear          B. look of anger

      C. look of delight      D. look of surprise

7.   Choose the synonym of "serene".

      A. severe                  B. dark

      C. calm                     D. serious

8.   What does "wander" mean?

      A. surprise                B. miracle

      C. tread                     D. walk aimlessly

9.   Choose the appropriate preposition to fill in the blank.

      This is a difficult question—answer.

      A. for      B. to           C. with          D. in

10. Fill in the blank with the suitable preposition.

      She has dealt—the problem nicely.

      A. with       B. in        C. to  D. on

11. What is the major attraction of life as expressed in "Under the Greenwood Tree"?

      A. no people             B. rich nature

      C. no enemy             D. singing birds

12. Choose the suitable word to fill in the blank.

      His appeal–mercy was rejected.

      A. to          B. for      C. on D with

13. Choose the best option to fill in the blank.

      Teachers dislike— the examination routine as much as students do.

      A. changing              B. change

      C. having change      D. to be changed

14. My friend does not like terrorism and

      A. neither I do          B. neither do I

      C. I do                      D. I do either

15. My father will discipline me for my actions. Here "discipline" means

      A. reward                  B. reproach

      C. reprove                 D. punish

16. Complete the sentence, "He bought a new car because his old one—down." with the suitable option.

      A. broke                   B. had broken

      C. has broken           D. was broken

17. Select the best option to fill in the blank.

      If I had seen it, I — you about it.

      A. will tell                 B. had told

      C. would tell             D. would have told

18. Fill in the gap with the proper option.

      Muslin was a fabric — by the famed weavers of Bangladesh.

      A. woven                  B. weave

      C. wove                    D. had weaved

19. Select the right option for the blank space.

      If forests are destroyed, wild animals — their natural habitation.

      A. loses                     B. will have lost

      C. will lose                D.  lost

20. Choose the correct translation of the sentence "Avwg 1985 mv‡ji 1jv Rvbyqvwi Rb¥MÖnY K‡iwQ"

      A. I have been born in January 01; 1985

      B. I was born on January 01, 1985

      C. I born on January 01, 1985

      D. I was been born in January 01, 1985

21. Choose the suitable option to fill in the gap.

      The tiny print on the poster is — small to be read easily.

      A. so          B. much  C. very    D. too

22. Verb of the word "Justification" is

      A. justice                  B. justify

      C. justificable           D. justfiably

23. "Jocund company" in Wordsworth's "I wandered Lonely As a cloud" refers to

      A. a friend

      B.  a group of men who stood by

      C. waves                   D. daffodils

24. Choose the correct spelling.

      A. repitition     B. repeatation

      C. repeatition   D. repetition

25. Choose the correct sentence.

      A. I need a few furnitures

      B. I do not need many furnitures.

      C. I do not need some furnitures.

      D. I need some furniture


Answer Keys:

1. d

2. c

3. c

4. a

5. a

6. b

7. c

8. d

9. b

10. a

11. c

12. b

13. a

14. b

15. d

16. b

17. d

18. a

19. c

20. b

21. d 

22. b

23. a 

24. d

25. d






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