Academically, Asian students are outperforming ...


Academically, Asian students are outperforming their American counterparts on all levels. However, as adults, we are finding ourselves falling short in the area of creativity and the ability to influence others, and the successful people are those who can know to influence others. This is an area that is emphasized in a Western upbringing. In the West, children are taught to question authority by asking why, something which is not encouraged in Asian culture. At the same time, I think the Western emphasis on creativity may have gone too far. On the other hand, in Asia, there is too much emphasis on memorization and drilling. I find that my Asia students in law school have trouble coming up with creative ideas. Ideally, we should take the best from both worlds.

To explain the relationship between upbringing and student performance the writer has


provided a dictionary meaning of upbringing.

given statistics of student performance.

compared and contrasted students of two different cultures.

used logic to reach a conclusion